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peeter one sinhala film

Lankan Comedy actor, director and film producer Bandu Samarasinha’s latest direction, “Peter ONE” is the newest movie which will be released on the screen.

The storyline of Peter ONE revolves around a poor singer on the roads (played by Bandu Samarasinghe) who hits the jackpot eventually.

Peter the imposter attends a party disguised as a rich man and befriends with Jonty the drunkard wine waiter. Peter encounters Shereen (Nilanthi Dias) the beautiful daughter of the host at the venue and falls in love with her.

The film is full of comedy and will surely be a treat for the whole family. Peter ONE is Bandu Samarasinghe’s fourth film direction. Bandu introduces his son Kumera and daughter Rasogha to Sinhala cinema with Peter ONE.

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