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Your First Date with a Girl Follow these rules

First thing is first... always be kind and respectful to her. I don't care if you think she is just a fling or a one night stand; treat her with some type of respect and dignity. All women like to feel cherished and appreciated.

Compliment her on her beauty. Remember, she took the whole day just to get ready for the date. Let her know how great you think she looks, but do it tastefully. Use your head and don't go overboard--if you do, she will pick up on this and see right through you. Hence, you will not get the steamy, hot sex you were hoping for.

Next, you should never talk about yourself until you are asked a specific question. Women hate men who seem self-absorbed. Even though you may not be, if you talk about yourself continuously, she will get the impression that all you care about is yourself.

Focus on her... women love to get showered with attention. That leads me right into my next rule: never block her out--you must Listen to what she is saying. Listening is key to a successful date.

It is important when you listen that you remember what she is telling you... that way if she asks you about it later you can recall it with ease. Girls sometimes purposely do this to see if you are paying attention.

Try to not to bring your problems and complaints into to the date. Have a fun, upbeat personality that she will be attracted to. You must make her feel good. This is not an interview or a mission you're on... it's a date.

Don't move too fast. A lot a guys think that they have a "green light" as soon as a girl shows them positives body languages. Yes, she does like you, but she still doesn't want to feel cheap and slutty. Don't shove your tongue down her throat or climb on top of her just yet; you will get your chance if you play your cards right.

Do not bring up her ex whatever you do. A lot guys make this crucial mistake and reopen old wounds. She will be fidgety and uptight for the rest of the evening if you delve deep into her past relationships. She may have be hurt, she may have been mistreated by her Ex so the last thing you want to do is bring him up. If she brings him up try your best to switch gears and change to another subject as soon as you get a chance. Bottom line... Don't ask questions about her ex. Ask her about her friends instead.

When she goes off into one of those long spells (blabbing for what seems like hours at a time) grin and bare it. Always remember to keep eye contact the whole time she is talking to you.

You should always bring up the fact that you and her are going to have great fun together. Always talk about a positive future that you both can look forward to.

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